Knives and Threats: Columbus Short’s Real Life Scandal

What is really going on with my boy Columbus Short? Last month, he was arrested for physically attacking his wife Tuere Short. And now, it appears as if he has taken some cues from Jake, Maya, and Rowan, and is wielding weapons and allegedly making real life threats to end Tuere Short’s life. This is getting way out of hand.

According to The Root Columbus threatened to kill Tuere and then himself. The Root reports:

According to Tuere Short, the actor grilled her about men with whom he thought she was having affairs. She denied any involvement. Short allegedly then pressed the knife to her throat, threatening to kill her and then himself. As she tried to escape her husband, he allegedly slashed her tire.



This is so surprising coming from my favorite gladiator (after Huck)! But it just goes to show you that you can never really judge a person’s character based on their fictional character. Unfortunately, the thrill of Scandal may have been so overwhelming that it spilled over into his personal life. Perhaps he really believes he is a gladiator? I’m joking.

What is clear is that the relationship between Columbus and Tuere has become unsafe. Domestic violence is no laughing matter and is in fact traumatizing. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have someone you care for put a knife to your throat and then talk about ending your life. That is frightening and emotionally crippling.

I hope that they both get help soon. It would be a tragedy if Columbus’ threats turned into reality.

What are your thoughts on Columbus Short’s behavior?

Read more at The Root.

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